Gazing Globes To Beautify Your Garden

Gazing Globes To Beautify Your Garden


Gazing Globes


A garden is beautiful when we give it an attractive set up. This does not mean that we have only to grow vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers. We must also include some beautiful Garden Decorations such as Gazing Globes, Art Craft Ornaments, Statues, Wooden Bridge, Flower Sprinkler, Bird Feeders and more. For this, we have to know what to include and where to place them.

Today, I am going to share with you one of the Garden Decorations which I found very attractive to be included in the garden and I am sure you will love to add it too.



What is a Gazing Globe?

A Gazing Globe is a mirror-like ball and you can have it in glass, ceramic and stainless steel too. You will find that some are with coloured reflective coating too which shines in the appearance of the Sun. It looks very beautiful as if shiny rainbows.

In fact, we are planning to do another setting for our small garden found in the front of our home. For that, we will have to take out everything such as the flowers and trees which are actually there.

We are planning to buy new things to decorate it and one of the decorations which will be in our list is a Gazing Globe. Last week, we went for shopping, and I found some very beautiful ones which will look great in my small garden. Well, there are several varieties of them. We will have to make a choice.


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The Use Of Gazing Balls

Gazing Globe was first being used for spiritual purposes. There was a belief in the past that it had spiritual powers and was also magical. It was also used to ward off evil spirits and people also thought that it can bring good luck to anyone.

I do not know if nowadays too people do believe in these but as far as I am concerned, I find it rather a beautiful decorative object which can bring beauty to my garden. For me these gazing balls are great for decoration only and I am going to add at least one in my purchasing list too, not for beliefs but for beauty.


How To Clean Your Gazing Globes

Well, first you will have to determine from what it is made of?

Is it of glass or stainless steel?

If it is of glass, then it is very simple.

~ First, remove it from its stand.

~ Then, wipe the dirt found on the globe with liquid soap and water only.

~ After that, wipe it with a soft cotton cloth so that the water is absorbed and it is completely dry. If you do not do this, then when it is dried up, you will find spots on it.

As for stainless steel is concerned:

~ Just take a cotton cloth and moisten it with a little white vinegar.

~ Then, polish the globe and you will find that it will look more shiny and beautiful.

As you can see, it is so easy to be cleansed. It does not take too much energy and time and at the end, you are beautifying your home and garden. A simple thing can really bring beauty around.


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Mosaic Gazing Ball

In the YouTube Video below, you will be guided about how to make a Mosaic Gazing Ball. It is very easy and you just have to buy the items needed for it. So, be ready to make yours as well and enjoy.

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