How To Embellish Your Windows With Flowers And Herbs

How To Embellish Your Windows With Flowers And Herbs


Embellish Your Windows With Flowers And Herbs



Are you passionate about gardening and you do not have enough space to grow vegetables and flowers?

Then do not worry, a very simple gardening style can bring colours and happiness to your home.

Are you curious about how to do it?

It is very easy. You can just create a small garden style on your window sills where you can grow either vegetables or flowers. It depends upon your choice. It does not need only flowers for decoration but also there are some vegetables which can be of great use in your kitchen and at the same time look beautiful when placed on a window sill.

At home, I have planted mint, thyme, parsley, celery in pots and have placed them on the window sill of my kitchen. So, as you can see, it is not a problem if you do not have enough space for a garden. You can grow them in pots and place them on window sills.


How To Decorate With Flower Pots and Flowers


Where to place them and how to do it?

You can place flowers in pots on the window sill which faces your balcony. They bring a warm welcome and beauty to your home. Even if your balcony is small in size, you can create a very stylish way to arrange the looks of the flowers in it. Do choose flowers which are smaller in size and not that taller too.

One thing I have admired the most when I was in the United Kingdom was that in a single pot, you can plant different colours of flowers and they look really amazing. If you can do that and as per the length of your window sills and your pots sizes, you can place two to three pots on a single window sill. You can also add a shelf to your window sills and it can be both indoor and outdoor.

It is very easy to maintain them if you know the basics of gardening. As per my experience in gardening, though I am not professional in this matter, I know the basics and have planted a lot of vegetables and flowers for many years till now.

It is very easy to grow and maintain them, only your time and care are needed. When you are devoted to your plants, they grow gracefully and bring beauty to your home and garden.


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Precautions To Take

Things you should know

~ Make sure that you place the pots close to the window so that they do not fall down.

~ Do place a saucer under each pot so that excess water can accumulate in it and does not wet the walls.

~ Make sure that your window sills are large enough for the pots to be secured.


So, what do you need for this?

Some very practical and useful things

All that I am suggesting to you here, are very effective and useful. You also need to know what kind of flowers you will need. Definitely, they must be shorter in height and small flowers

Make sure to grow flowers which you can plant in your pots so that they do have a balance. It is very important to choose the right flowers for the pots.

There are so many ideas about gardening but when you do not have enough space to make a small garden at your place, you feel sad. You can see other people’s gardens are so attractive and you cannot make it for yourself but there are so many ways to do it and nothing is impossible as we have got the creative source within us.

So, cheer up and start yours.

Watch This YouTube Video To Have An Idea

In this YouTube Video above, you will find some tips about how to start a Window Sill Herb Garden. You will find that how easy it is. You will not have to go to the market only for buying the herbs. Picking fresh herbs from your own kitchen window while cooking brings you a great feeling and when you enter the kitchen, you can have the fragrances of these herbs.

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