how to grow delicious strawberries

How To Grow Delicious Strawberries The Right Way


How To Grow Delicious Strawberries 

How to grow delicious strawberries the right way is what you are searching for, right?

Well, here I am going to share with you how I normally grow them and have got brilliant results with them.

How To Grow Delicious Strawberries

How To Grow Delicious Strawberries at Home

Ripe Strawberry is a very refreshing fruit and it has a sweetish taste too. Strawberries can be served fresh and you can also make jam, jelly, juice, cake, wine, sorbet, milkshake and ice cream with them. It is rich in Vitamin C and thus, is very good for health. In fact, you will feel great when you see them growing in your garden.

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Do you know how to grow delicious Strawberries?

In fact, it is very easy and you can easily grow them in your garden or even in containers if you do not have enough space available in your garden. Today, I am going to share with you how to grow them at your place.


First, you will have to know which variety of Strawberry to choose. So, choose the one which produces red fruit with white flesh and which gives fragrance too.

Wild Strawberries

Wild Strawberries grow very easily in most of our regions. It can be grown either in pots which you can place in your patio or directly in the garden itself. It depends upon your choice. I used to grow them in pots as my garden is too small. Here, you will have to choose the best location. It has to be where there is no exposure to the hot sun directly.

When you have known where to grow them, then work the soil thoroughly to loosen and remove any weeds. Do add prepared compost to the soil so that the strawberry plant grows without any hindrance.

Then, you will have to make a choice here either to grow them from small plants or seeds.

How To Proceed

~ If you are growing them in your garden, then leave a space of about 40 cms between each plant and if it is in your pot, then it depends of the size of the pot. If the pot is small, then grow only one plant and if it is a longer one, then calculate the distance as mentioned above. You must insert the root lightly in the soil and cover it well. Press the soil all around it well so that it stays still while you are watering it.

~ So as to protect them from the sun or rain, you will have to use straws to cover the part where the soil is being seen all around the plants.

~ You will have to water regularly, especially when it is not raining. Make sure that the plant has enough water.

How To Grow In Pots

~ If you are growing strawberries in pots, then use a mixture of light compost, So as the plant grows properly, first place it where it will not get direct sunlight.

~ Secondly, every month, you will have to add a complete fertilizer and make sure that you water the plant regularly.

It will not take long for you to welcome fresh strawberries in your kitchen taken from your own garden. It is a pleasure to pluck those strawberries.

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