how to convert your balcony into a small garden

How To Convert Your Balcony Into A Small Garden



Convert Your Balcony Into A Small Garden

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Gardening Option

My passion for gardening has increased a lot during the past years. Growing vegetables and flowers is like a hobby for me. I usually spend an hour everyday for this purpose and I really enjoyed a lot. In fact, each moment of it is so peaceful. Interacting with plants is so helpful and we come to learn a lot of things too.

I do have a small garden in the front yard but as it does not have enough space to plant more flowers, I had converted my balcony into a small garden where I have grown tomatoes, peppers and flowers in pots.

The balcony is situated in the west portion of my house and it gets enough sunlight too. In this small garden, we can relax and read our favourite books or even sit for meditation. You can also sit and just enjoy the beautiful view from it. It is so peaceful and blissful to be in this kind of environment.

The Beauty Of Balcony Gardens

Yes, Balcony Gardens are really amazing. I have selected a YouTube Video for you here and you will find beautiful pictures of a Vegetable Garden Ideas for a balcony in it. These pictures may help you in getting more ideas about how you can convert your balcony into a small garden and that also a beautiful one where you can relax and enjoy.

Creating A Small Garden

Let me give you some tips:

~ Make a list about what kind of flowers and vegetables you wish to grow.

~ Make a plan about where to grow the vegetables and flowers.

~ Decide where to place your table and chairs.

~ You will have to decide about the types of containers or pots you will be using for each plant keeping in mind about space availability.

~ You can grow the bushy plants near the walls.

~ The plants which are taller, do display them at the back and the ones which are smaller in size, do display them in front. So, in this way, it will be easier for you to get access to all the plants while you are going to water them.

~ Do not forget to keep enough space in between two pots so that they can grow well.

Bring A Zen Garden In Your Balcony

The balcony can be another option for one to meditate as it is well decorated all around with flowers and plants and it is a peaceful place. You will feel like you are surrounded by Nature.

So, you can also bring a Zen Garden in your balcony to make it look like the real place where you can meditate and do your Yoga postures without being disturbed. When talking about Zen Garden, the first thought that arises is that it creates peace and is a real beauty along with fragrances.

To create a mini Zen Garden, you will need:

~ Zen style wood and bamboo garden gate

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~ Zen Garden pile stones

~ Zen serenity Buddha electric water fountain

~ Sand

~ Gravel

~ Mossy logs

~ Colorful rocks

When you hear the sound of the water from the Water Fountain, it will create a very soothing atmosphere and you can use this sound as a meditation technique. You just have to close your eyes and listen to this sound till you are in total silence within and without.

The Buddha Statue

Buddha is seen in most pictures and as statues representing Peace and Bliss. You will find these Buddha Statues in Meditation Postures.

You can have Buddha Statues as electric water fountain too. You can light up the fountain at night and enjoy the sound of the water which will take you into the relaxation mode. These are sophisticated and wonderful centrepieces which can be used for any garden setting and you can also place it in your living room. It is an elegant decoration which can instantly turn any garden into a tranquil retreat.

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