Awesome Glass Birdbaths


Glass Birdbaths

Awesome Glass Birdbaths

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Today, I have brought to you some Awesome Glass Birdbaths which I am sure you will love to have in your garden. These birdbaths are very easy to maintain and they will bring a welcoming look to your garden.

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Do you wish to attract birds to your garden?

I know many of you love birds and me too. Well, to attract birds, the best solution is to add an awesome Birdbath in your garden or porch. Birdbaths are very beautiful and they come in different designs and colours. It is best to place one near your window outside where you can see all the activities of these birds.

Birdbath attracts birds to come and drink water from it. It is also for birds to have a bath as they love playing with water.

Evergreen Garden Glass Birdbath, Fluted Floral

The design of this awesome glass birdbath below is so beautiful. It represents the lotus welcoming birds to play on it and have fun. As you can see, it has some depth so that you can pour enough water into it for birds to get a bath.

If you have one in your garden, then during Summer and Spring, it will attract so many birds that you will be surprised. It is because it is so attractive and secondly, when birds are thirsty and are searching for clean water to drink, they will come in your garden as you are making them comfortable with it.

In fact, you have so many Birdbaths available on the market. I am going to share with you some which are really very attractive.

Blossoms Glass Birdbath

Great for Gift on Mother’s DayThis one can be a great gift for others as well. It is not necessary that if you do not have a garden then you cannot buy it. In fact, it can be a great gift to be given to your mother on Mother’s Day. This will be great in her porch and she will definitely love it.

Ruby Pansy Glass Birdbath 

There are many awesome glass birdbaths but this one will really add beauty to your garden. The colour is so bright and attractive. What I love with this one is that you can put some water in it or also some seeds so that birds can come not only for drinking and taking a bath but also you can feed them. You are making their tasks easier and it is such a pleasure to feed birds.

The design of this birdbath is of a red flower being painted. So, as you can see, your garden is full of flowers and this birdbath also has a design of a flower which enriches your garden and give it a very welcoming look.

Choosing the colour of your Birdbath 

Green or Blue

Well, it depends upon your choice. The colour which you love will be great and as you know, in a garden when there are several colours of flowers, it really looks like a rainbow. You are, actually, bringing a rainbow to your garden and to add more beauty to it, you can add a colour and design of your choice for the birdbath.

Birdbaths Cleaning Tips

Birdbaths are very easy to maintain as they require only a daily wash and refill of water or seeds. As you are concerned about your health, you will also be concerned for the health of those birds too which will be coming to your birdbath. So, you must make sure that there is always clean water in it.

Birds are attracted to clean water and if your birdbath is cleaned regularly then you will notice that you will be able to bring a wider variety of birds to your garden.

So, the easiest way to maintain a birdbath are as follows:

~ While cleaning the birdbath, you will have to throw out the water which is in it. Do not add more water to the existing one.

~ You will have to make sure that the seeds are not falling in the water.

~ Do not keep your birdbath in direct sunlight. Place it where it can get both sunlight and shadow.

~ Put the birdbath in a place where leaves will not fall on it.

Now, how to clean it?

You will need only a scrub brush, rubber gloves, water and some dish detergent.

~ Put on the gloves.

~ Throw out all the water which is in the birdbath.

~ Scrub it with water and dish detergent thoroughly.

~ Wash the birdbath under running water till there is no foaming left.

~ Allow it to dry completely or dry it with a cotton cloth.

~ Finally, refill it with clean water and seeds.

Get Some Ideas About These Awesome Glass Birdbaths While Watching The YouTube Video below:

You will definitely learn a lot from it as you can see, these birdbaths are very welcoming and they are very effective too. A garden’s beauty is when butterflies and birds are attracted to these awesome glass birdbaths and as they are attracted to flowers, this will be a plus for them.



Birds represent freedom.

When you see a bird flying, you can see that it goes to any direction it wishes to.

It is free without any conditioning.

Free yourself too in order to be peaceful.

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