white azalea flowers

Know More About White Azalea Flowers


White Azalea Flowers


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How much do you know about this flower? 

Azalea flowers are so beautiful. In fact, two years back I bought a plant which was planted in a black plastic bag. Then, when it had grown a little bit more, I had transplanted it into my small garden in a corner.

At that time, I did not know which colour of flowers would come out from that plant until the day when it has started blooming. I saw that the flowers were white and they were as if emerging in groups. Here, I mean that there were several flowers on only one small branch.

I love the leaves too as they are very different from other leaves. The white colour was a very deep one, it was not a mixture with other colours.

White colour represents purity and this flower has its totality in it.

What kind of flower is Azalea?

Know more about it here 

It is actually a flowering shrub which is also a part of the Rhododendron family. The beauty of this flower is that when it starts blooming, it covers the leaves too and you will find a group of beautiful small and white flowers.

It comes in different colours such as yellow, pink, purple and more. There are many types of flowers too in this family and they are really wonderful.

If you wish to know more about Azalea, then I recommend this book for you. There are so many ideas found in it that can transform your garden into an amazing one.

A guide is very important because you should follow the step to step instructions and only then you can become successful. The same applies here. If you wish to grow Azalea in your garden, then you should know everything such as, about how, where and when to grow it. You must also know how to take care of it and for that this book will be of great help to you.

How does this plant grow? 

It is very easy to take care of. This plant normally grows slowly and prefer the sunny atmosphere. At my place, it has become a bush already. I have planted it facing the Northern direction and at the same time, it also gets a lot of sunlight. I do not water it. In fact, it is growing by the help of rain water and sunlight. As Mauritius is a tropical island, so we do get rain on and off.

The plant will be in good shape and later will bloom with more flowers only when you take good care of it.

More Gardening Tips here

These tips will really help you There are so many ideas here that you can apply in your garden. Whether it is a big or small one, it does not matter, the main thing here is that it has to look lively and beautiful.

Do you know that you can create a Bonsai out of a white flower Azalea plant? 

Yes, you can do it and it is so easy.

You just have to follow these step to step instructions:

~ First of all, your plant must become a bit taller in your pot and it has to reach its first blooming. After first flowering, it is now time to create a bonsai out of it.

~ Take out the plant from the pot along with the soil.

~ Now remove the soil from the roots.

~ Cut out the branches which are near the roots.

~ Cut also some of the branches so that the plant can have a better shape.

~ Now, it is time to prepare your bonsai pot.

~ Add some quick-draining potting mix in the pot.

~ Place the plant inside the pot.

~ Add more potting mix to it so that you can cover the roots completely.

~ Now you can water it till water comes out of the pot from the holes at the bottom.

~ After that, you have to add some moss and also some decorative rocks.

At the end, add some fertilizers to the soil.

Your Bonsai is now ready and you can either place it in your balcony or indoor.

Azalea flowers can grow as per cuttings. When the plant has already bloomed once, and while pruning it, you can gather some cuttings at the same time and plant them in the soil directly.

The Most Important Things You Should Know

~ If you are not living in a tropical country, then do water this plant regularly.

~ Provide it with well drained soil so that the root does not die.

~ Add fertilizer to it after it has bloomed.

~ Prune it after flowering so that it will be in good shape.

Tips about how to grow healthy Azaleas

Learn the step to step instructions here

I have chosen this YouTube video for you just because it is really very informative. You can get ideas about how to grow Azalea plant and also many tips which will be of great help to you. Sometimes, just by reading and following the instructions are not enough. The best result are gained when viewing them at the same time.

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