How To Welcome More Butterflies In Your Garden

How To Welcome More Butterflies In Your Garden


Are you passionate about gardening?

How To Welcome More Butterflies In Your Garden


If you are, then you will definitely wish to attract butterflies into your garden as they are so beautiful. They will bring a freshness and more beauty to it.

Butterflies are attracted by the fragrance of flowers. Their primary food is the nectar which comes from flowers and they do choose especially the ones which have more nectar. They are mainly attracted by human beings because of their colourful wings.

Today, I am going to give you some very simple tips about how you can attract butterflies into your garden. These tips I learned from my mother as she was passionate too about gardening and butterflies. She used to spend her free time in the garden where she had planted green grapes, mangoes, medicinal herbs, and many colourful flowers. At that time, I used to ask a lot of questions about several subjects, such as gardening, cooking, sewing, arts and crafts and general knowledge ones and some of the answers are really helping me in my day to day life.

Sometimes, we do get the answers from others but till we do not put it into practice, it is still an illusion because only what we put into practice is real. Then, we know that this is it.


Do you wish to know which flowers attract butterflies?

The sense of taste of a butterfly is 200 times stronger than human beings. Butterflies use their antennae to sense the scents of flowers and they perfectly know which flower they can benefit more nectar from. I am going to suggest to you some of these flowers which you can add in your garden and attract plenty of colourful butterflies. These flowers are very rich in nectar and heavy with the scents too.

Here is the list for you:

Yellow Cone Flowers
Purple Cone Flowers

There are more flowers but if you can grow the above flowers in your garden, then for sure you will welcome many butterflies.


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Learn how to build a butterfly house 

There are so many ideas available and YouTube videos are very useful for that. You can see the step to step instructions and do the same at your place. It becomes so easy and it is very practical too. So, do not forget to take advantage of these videos and help yourself in creating beautiful butterfly houses to place in your garden. They will really make your garden lively and more beautiful.


How to create a Butterfly Sanctuary from Carton Cardboard which you were on the way to throw out? 

Some very simple tips for you here

It reminds me of this sentence which I have been hearing since childhood:

‘If you do good, then you will go to Paradise and if you do bad, then you will go to Hell’.

Well the word ‘Paradise’ here reflects a very beautiful place where there are beautiful Angels, garden full of beautiful flowers, awesome lakes and all that is beautiful only. It is like a dreamland.

This is really what butterflies love, to be in a paradise garden where there are beautiful flowers which perfume the whole garden and make it looks very lively and happy.

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