How About Growing Flowers In A Ladybug Hanging Planter For Halloween?

Growing Flowers In A Ladybug Hanging Planter For Halloween


Growing Flowers In A Ladybug Hanging Planter For Halloween

Halloween Gardening – Growing Flowers In A Ladybug Hanging Planter

Halloween is on the way and it is time to prepare for the decorations for both home and garden. In fact, we have so many decorations which are available on the market and that also ready made which you can buy instantly as per your choice. What we need is that we must know in advance what items to buy. So, for that, a purchasing list is very important.

Today, I am going to share with you my views about how you can decorate your garden. Sometimes, even a single flower pot can bring life to the celebration. You just have to select the right items for that day.

For me, this Ladybug Hanging Planter which you are seeing in the picture above is very attractive and unique in style. It is crafted to look like a sassy ladybug and it has a hole at the bottom for drainage purposes and also hook-topped chain for hanging. The smiling face is so cute and it can be hanged either in your patio or anywhere in your garden. You can plant any flower of your choice in it and if it is a flower which relates to the Halloween Celebration, then it will be the best. My point here is that the colour of the flowers must be Halloween related such as black, red and white.


Beautiful Flowers Which You Can Use For Your Hanging Planter

Let me give you a small list of these flowers which you can grow in your garden or in this Ladybug Hanging Planter or in any other flower pots.

Adenium Obesum Desert Rose
Red Lotus
Tiger Stripes Flower
Black Rose
Red Lupine
Aubrieta Rock Cress Bright Red Perennial Flower
Red Cypress Vine
Corn Poppy
Outsidepride Columbine Eastern Red
Red Yarrow
Lobelia Cardinalis Red Vining Perennial Flower
Mexican Hat Coneflower Red Prairie

Even flowers and flower pots can form part of the Halloween Decoration. So, do not miss in including them in your list.

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