The Easiest Way To Grow Bell Peppers From Seeds

Grow Bell Peppers From Seeds: The Easiest Way


How To Grow Bell Peppers From Seeds

Bell Peppers are very easy to grow and in this page you are going to learn about the easiest way to grow bell peppers from seeds. When the first time I decided to grow them in my balcony garden, it seemed difficult to me as I had never grown them before but later I found that it is very easy indeed. Only that you need practice in gardening, then you know which vegetables need greater care and which ones can grow easily.

So, if you want to grow delicious Bell Peppers at your place, then do read my step to step instructions here. This is the easiest way to grow them.



The Step To Step Instructions To Grow Delicious Bell Peppers From Seeds

~ First, you must put the seeds in a damp tissue paper and then, put them in a zippered plastic bag. The plastic bag should be kept in a warm place and the best place is in the kitchen. This is done in order to speed the process. When you find the bell pepper seeds sprout, then know that now it is ready to be planted. Here, at first you must grow them in small yoghurt cup. So, put only one plant in each cup. Let the plant grow near your kitchen windows. When you find that the plant has some leaves, then it is time to transplant them.

~ Here, you will have to choose a well drained place and where it can get enough sunlight too. The soil must be deep enough to support the Bell Pepper plant. It is better to transplant the plants in the evening so that they will not get direct sunlight and the soil too will be warm.

~ You will have to keep 12 inches between each plant while transplanting them. Now, water them with great care because they are still small.

~ Water them regularly but make sure that the water is well drained too.

~ The Bell Pepper flowers are white in colour and you will find a lot of them in one single plant.

~ Leave them to grow on their own as far as possible while watering them regularly.

_ You will be surprised when you will see your first Bell Pepper growing and ready to be harvested.

You can have various colours of Bell Peppers.


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Below you will find the seeds: 

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