How To Grow Rare Deep Red Roses In Your Garden

Rare Deep Red Roses: How To Grow In Your Garden


Growing Rare Deep Red Roses In Your Garden Is Not That Difficult


Do you really want to know how to grow rare deep red roses in your garden?

Red Roses have more popularity than other roses and this is because everyone chooses them for Valentine’s Day. They are taken to be the Queen among roses and if it is deep red, then it is said to represent that the love is deeper.

So, instead of buying roses every Valentine’s Day for your loved ones, why not grow them yourselves and instead of offering one rose, offer a beautiful bouquet well decorated with lots of love too. It will cost you nothing as far as money is concerned but your gesture on that day will be felt by the one you are offering to.

Today, I am going to show you step by step how to grow rare deep red roses in your garden.

First of all you will need the seeds, so you can have it here.

This Red Climbing Rose can grow from 7 to 12 feet as per its height is concerned and if you want you can trim it as per the size you want it to be and you can give it a form too.

So, let’s proceed to the step to step instructions of how to grow it.

~ When you get the seeds, first thing you must do is you must put them into a moist paper towel and then in a zipped plastic bag.

~ Then, you can keep them in a safe place in the kitchen or you can also put them in the fridge but do not put them along with fruits and vegetables. Keep them in a place where there is nothing around.

~ Leave them to germinate. Normally, its germination time is around 40 days but you can check occasionally to see if they are ready.

~ When you find that they have sprouted beautifully, then take them out as it is time to be planted.

~ At first you must use a seedling tray in order to have proper view of their growths.

~ So, do use some sterile seed starting mix. You can get it here too.

~ Now, fill the Seedling Tray with the seed starter mix and put the sprouted seeds in it, one by one. Make sure that the sprouted parts are pointing downward as these are the roots.

~ Cover them and sprinkle some water in the seedling tray while making sure that the drainage system is working great. You will have to make sure that you water them regularly so as to create strength in them.

~ Keep the seedling tray where it cannot get direct sunlight.

~ When you see some leaves in them, then it is time to transplant them.

~ It is best to transplant them during the evening so as they do not get direct sunlight and have enough time to settle in the new area.

~ You have two options either you transplant them in larger flower pots or in your garden. So, the best pot for this rose plant is the one below:

I can say this is the ideal pot in which you can plant your roses because it is painted with UV which is a weather resistant paint. It is also integrated with drain holes which will help the water drain easily.

~ If you are using the large pot, then fill it with potting soil and then put the rose plant in it. Cover it well and water it carefully. Make sure that the roots are deep enough in the soil. You can place it in your balcony as well.

~ If you are growing in your garden then make sure the soil is good. If you are unsure about it then dig a hole and put some potting soil in it. Then, you plant the rose in the middle. Just make sure that the roots touch the potting soil all around not the soil that were in your garden. This will make it grow healthier.

~ Water the rose plants regularly and you will be fascinated when they start blooming.

~ In order to have more roses, you will have to cut the ones which have already faded. Do not leave them otherwise they will prevent other flowers from blooming.

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