Victoria Kann Magical Pinkalicious Books For Kids

Magical Pinkalicious Books For Kids


Victoria Kann Magical Pinkalicious Books For Kids Are Amazing

Pinkalicious Books

Kids love to read colourful books and interesting stories in which all ends well at the end and they will be able to find these stories in Victoria Kann Magical Pinkalicious Books For Kids. These Pinkalicious Books which I am going to share with you today are authored by Victoria Kann.

These books are amazing with their colourful pictures, the characters faces expressions, the beautiful and simple sentences, the characters actions, and more. In fact, as you see the front page itself, it is like magical because you will get addicted to it very easily.

As you know girls love the pink colour and these books are in pink too. The first thing that attracts one is the pink colour of course. I know that by reading these books, your kids will want to read more. They will start enjoying as far as reading is concerned and this is where you must seize the moment to let them bring out their hidden talents. They will start expressing themselves and you will be surprised by their understanding nature.

The Author, Victoria Kann

She is an Award Winning Illustrator and Author of the picture book series which feature the whimsical and effervescent character Pinkalicious. She was the one who wrote and illustrated the New York Times number-one bestsellers Goldilicious. Silverlicious and Emeraldilicious. She is currently working on several more books about the adventures and antics of Pinkalicious.

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You will definitely love and enjoy her books.



You Can Buy Her Three Number One Best Sellers Books Here


Pinkalicious: Pink-a-rama (I Can Read Level 1)

This is a pack of Pinkalicious which features five favourite Pinkalicious ‘I Can Read’ stories to entertain you to the fullest.

It includes:

  • School Rules!
  • Pink around the Rink
  • Pinkie Promise
  • The Pinkerrific Playdate
  • The Princess of Pink Slumber Party

So, don’t miss this opportunity to gift it to your kids as they will be very happy to read it. Let these stories take them to their own world.


Entertain Yourself With These Amazing Books



Pinkalious: Pink of Hearts

As you know, Valentine’s Day is loved by everyone and here Pinkalicious too loves it.

Everyone in her class is assigned to make an extra-special Valentine’s Day card for one person in the class. Pinkalicious creates a magnificently pinkerrific card.

Will the valentine that she gets in return measure up?

Age Range: 4 – 8 years
Grade Level: Preschool – 2
Paperback: 24 pages





Pinkalicious: Flower Girl


Pinkalicious is going to be the best flower girl ever. Her mind is filled with pinkatastic visions of flower girls. But, as soon as she figures out just what a flower girl is!

Age Range: 4 – 8 years
Grade Level: Preschool – 3
Paperback: 24 pages






Pinkalicious: Eggstraordinary Easter

When Pinkalicious wakes up on Easter morning, she finds a note from Edgar Easter Bunny that sends the Pinkerton family on an eggsciting Easter scavenger hunt!

This is a treat of a story that will become an Easter favourite for kids and parents. It includes stickers for kids to enjoy.

Age Range: 4 – 8 years
Grade Level: Preschool – 3
Paperback: 24 pages



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Pinkalicious: The Pink Amazing Storybook Collection

Pinkalicious has a playdate with her friend Rosie, a slumber party with a dragon as a guest, an adventure with a monkey at the zoo, a ride on her unicorn, Goldilicious, and visits soccer players all over the world. Pinkalicious and Peter enter a hat parade and she gets to be the flower girl in a wedding.

Four I Can Read Books are included in the set: The Pinkerrific Playdate, Pinkalicious: The Princess of Pink Slumber Party, Pinkalicious and the Pinkatastic Zoo Day, Pinkalicious: Soccer Star

Age Range: 4 – 8 years
Grade Level: Preschool – 3
Hardcover: 192 pages


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