Baby Jogger City Select With Bassinet Kit

Get The Baby Jogger City Select


Baby Jogger City Select With Bassinet Kit For Your Baby

Why not get a Baby Jogger City Select with Bassinet Kit for your baby today?

A baby becomes your priority since birth and you go on seeing to it that you provide everything he or she needs. For the baby’s comfort, you go on buying various things whether they are expensive or cheap, that does not matter to you. All that matters is that your baby must feel himself or herself well at ease.

This is why one of the most comfortable baby item which is recommended for every mother is a Baby Jogger City Select with Bassinet Kit. Your baby will feel very comfortable in it and at the same time will enjoy the ride.


The City Select was designed for the comfort of babies. It could be the only stroller that you will ever need because it is the most versatile stroller on the market today.

The Bassinet Kit includes plush padding, foot cover and mattress support brackets to convert a Baby Jogger City Select Single Black Frame stroller seat into a cozy bassinet. You just have to remove the fabric seat from the seat frame and snap the bassinet fabric on in its place.

So, get one for your baby today and let him or her enjoy the ride.

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