Cinderella: A Night at the Ball Book Review

Review: Cinderella Book


Cinderella: A Night at the Ball Book Review

Cinderella: A Night at the Ball
Cinderella: A Night at the Ball

Cinderella: A Night At The Ball Review, authored by Rico Green, is a book which includes beautiful and captivating pictures, with large letters for easy reading, along with the same beautiful story that we have heard for so long.

The Story

The story of Cinderella was one of my favourite during childhood as it gives a great lesson to be applied in real life. This lesson is about doing good thing to reap good too.

The story is about a beautiful girl whose name is Cinderella. Her mother died when she was still very young and since then her father got married again. Her step mother and step sisters treat her very badly still she is a very courageous girl who is kind too. She has to do all the house chores and at night she sleeps by the fireplace because the room is too cold.

Later, she learns about a great ball being held and as all the family are invited, she is eager to attend it too but her step-mother does not want her to go. She cries a lot and finally found a way to attend it secretly in disguise. There she danced with a handsome prince and it was love at first sight.

What happens next, I am sure you will want to know. In fact, the kids will love the story and the pictures found in this book. The great lesson to be learned here is about how good deeds always win over bad deeds and how Cinderella’s courage helps her in transforming her life into a happy one.

So, do not miss this magical tale. It is worth reading and the kids will enjoy it too. Get your copy of ‘Cinderella: A Night At The Ball’ today.

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