How To Grow Coffee From Seeds

How To Grow Coffee From Seeds


Do You Want To Know How To Grow Coffee From Seeds?


I know that you love to have your cup of coffee everyday and you must be wondering how to grow coffee from seeds too. This is because you want to have it in your own garden.

Well, imagine yourself having a nice cup of coffee along with some snacks while it is raining outside. You are feeling cold and the coffee is hot. It makes you feel better, right?

Coffee is consumed by many but it is best to be consumed with moderation. In fact, you can make cakes, milkshakes, sweets and many more with coffee.

So, if you consume coffee regularly, why not growing it in your garden. You can also grow it in pots if you do not have enough space at your place. You just have to know the steps of how to grow it and how to proceed before it comes into your cup.

Today, I am going to share with you the procedures of both and I am sure you will love seeing them grow at your place.


~ First, you can get the seeds here.

~ When you get your seeds, the first thing you must do is put them in a moist paper towel and in a zipped plastic bag. Keep it in the fridge till they sprout. There is another way also to make your seeds sprout quickly is by putting them in a Kitchen Seed Sprouter Tray. You can keep it in the kitchen and watch the coffee sprouting.

~ When the coffee seeds have sprouted, then take them out and grow them in the soil keeping a distance from each seed. You can grow them in the garden or in pots too. Coffee plants grow well under the window sills or any other place where they do not get direct sunlight.

~ Water them regularly but make sure that the drainage system works well. These plants prefer moist soil but not soaking wet.

~ You can use light fertilizer after three months.

~ Coffee plants can grow up to 6 feet tall and even more. If you do not want it to be that tall, then you can prune them considering the space you have. The ideal time to prune them is during Spring.

~ When the plants become mature, you will see small white flowers just like the picture below:

Coffee Flower
Coffee Flowers

~ Depending on the variety, the plants will take some time to flower and bear fruits. At first the fruits will be of green colour. Just like the picture below:

Coffee Plant
Coffee Plant

~ Normally, these fruits are called Coffee Cherries. When the fruits are ripe, then they turn into bright deep red colour. You can have an idea by looking at the picture below:

Coffee Stater Plant
Coffee Stater Plant

~ So, when the coffee cherries are of the bright red colour, then know that it is time to be harvested. You can just use a Relief Leaf Scoops or a Fruit Basket in order to put the coffee cherries in them while plucking.

Processing The Coffee Cherries

This process is very common where you can use the help of the Sun. You just have to spread the cherries on a cloth and leave them to dry with the heat of the Sun. You must do this procedure till the moisture content in the cherries has dropped a bit.


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Roasting The Coffee Beans

You can roast coffee beans on a Grill or roast them in a roasting machine just like the one below:

This Coffee Bean Roaster is very easy to use. You can roast any kind of coffee bean in it. In fact, you can adjust the time and the temperature without interrupting the roasting cycle. It consists of a variable convection fan control which ensures gentle and efficient circulation. It has also a precise automatic operation with digital time display along with three temperature settings for perfect roast control. It can roast the bean for about 20 cups of coffee in less than 10 minutes.

When the coffee beans are already roasted, then transfer them into a tray and leave to cool down. Then, you can store the beans in an air-tight container and grind them later. When you will grind them, you will get the great smell of coffee.

It is really great to grow your own coffee plant, roast the coffee beans, grind them and finally have it in your cup. In fact, home freshly roasted coffee tastes the best. You will definitely have the most delicious coffee ever. So, enjoy it along with the family.

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