scary dolls for halloween

Scary Dolls For Halloween: How To Make Them


Halloween Scary Dolls

scary dolls for halloween

Living Dead Dolls

Are you moved with scary dolls?

Scary Dolls For Halloween are normally used to decorate the haunted houses. Many people who celebrate Halloween are fond of adding the same to their Halloween Decorations list.

In fact, there are dolls which are really beautiful and some which are scary at a glance. These are not recommended for those who get scared at night and have sleepless problem. In fact, these scary dolls are for those who are fearless and are ready to take fear as fun because fear is only a mind game.

Today, I am going to share with you an idea about decorating your haunted house with scary dolls for Halloween. It is not difficult at all and you will see how fun it is.

You can decorate it in such a way that it will really look scary. You can have so many other Halloween Decorations which are scary but Scary Dolls remind you of ghosts talking to you in anger or following you thus creating fear in you.

How to make Scary Dolls?

scary dolls

Living Dead Dolls: Chucky & Tiffany Collector’s Edition 

10″ Doll 2-Pack

Step to step instructions here

~ First, you will have to buy a doll but you will have to choose one with bigger eyes and of medium or larger sizes.
~ Now, it is time to change its appearance. So, start changing from top up to the toe.
~ Cut its hairs in a very awkward style and do not tie it, let it loose.
~ Change the colour of the eyes by sticking red glued paper on them.
~ Now, take red nail polish and create tears for both eyes. It must look like the doll is crying and its tears are of blood.
~ Then, again take the red nail polish and create blood stains on its lips and let them fall up to the chin.
~ Change its dress and adopt a witch dress instead.
~ The shoes also must be of the witch type.
~ Put red nail polish on both hand palms as if they are full of blood.
~ You can create scars on the face too.

Now, your doll is ready to do the work.

You can have an idea about how scary dolls look like in these photos below.

Dummy Full Size With Hands

Imagine that this full size dummy is sitting in the corner of the house in the dark, relaxing and staring at you. You are totally alone and the house is a haunted one. All the furniture are old and some of them are broken. There is a lot of spider webs and you are hearing strange and scary sounds as if someone is coming down the stairs but in fact, there is no one. You can hear but you cannot see. What you see is that some of the objects are flying here and there and passing near you. You cannot run away because the door is locked. You find yourself imprisoned in this haunted house along with spirits and scary objects.

How will you feel?


How about you?

How will you feel when you enter the bedroom or bathroom and see a Scary Doll talking to you?

At the first sight of it itself you will be frightened and when it starts talking, you will want to run away from it the soonest possible. This is because you will think that there is a ghost or spirit inside that doll.

The doll you are seeing in the picture above is unique in its style and is 15″ tall. It says different phrases and is activated with batteries. This is an ideal one which will scare many.

How To Make Scary Dolls and Tutorials

Are you ready for it?

Well, you can make horror doll yourself and for that, you have just to follow the step to step instructions in the videos here. You will find that you can learn a lot about Halloween dolls for example, how to do make-up of a creepy doll, how to do a scary doll look, and so on.

Creepy Doll Mini-Tutorial

YouTube Video

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