Retro Racers Table Lamp

Retro Racers Table Lamp


Guidecraft Retro Racers Table Lamp

Are you looking for a Retro Racers Table Lamp to be displayed in your kids bedroom?

Kids are fond of cars and anything that is associated with them. They would definitely be happy if you can decorate their bedrooms with those things that they love. For example, this Retro Racers Table Lamp you are seeing in the picture above. It is a great gift you can give to your son. He will be so overwhelmed with joy. 

Retro Racers Table Lamp

This Retro Racers Table Lamp has Hand-Painted Cars which are sitting on a Spinning Dolly. Spin the Base and watch how the Retro Racers Cross the Finish Line. It includes Resin Sculpted Cars and Fabric Shade. It uses a 40 Watt Light Bulb and its dimensions are 13″D x 18″H.

If you are looking for a super cute lamp for your child, then this one is ideal for him. Your child will be surprised seeing the cars moving around the track when pushed manually. They are sturdy enough and can add a special touch to your kids bedroom.

You can have yours here.

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