Groovy Abstract Coloring Book

This Is The Best Groovy Abstract Coloring Book That You Can Have


Take An Awesome Journey In This Groovy Abstract Coloring Book

Groovy Abstract Coloring BookI got this Groovy Abstract Coloring Book as gift recently. It is a coloring book for adults. When I was looking at the pages inside, I found that they were filled with beautiful and amazing designs. In fact, the cover of this coloring book itself can attract anyone as it is colorful and relaxing.

The first title that attracted me when I opened this Groovy Abstract Coloring Book was ‘Welcome to an inspirational world of doodles and coloring!‘ Yes, when you are totally involved in a coloring book like this one, definitely you are in another world. This is because here your totality makes you forget the rest and you are relaxed. In fact, this is great way for you to be stress-free.

Most people are stressed nowadays and there are so many reasons behind their being so. The best way to come out of it is Meditation. I have another website in which I have shared my inner experiences and realizations. You can read them here. Coloring Books can be used as another meditation technique where you are able to divert your mind so as to get involved in them totally and forget your stressed world.

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Be ready for a creative adventure. You will certainly love this coloring book. It consists of 30 enjoyable abstract art activities which will let you explore a visual language of shape, form, line and color.

Personalize Your Art With This Groovy Abstract Coloring Book

This coloring book is amazing as you can add your own personal touch to these coloring pages. You can doodle more details into each design and color them any way you want to.

Groovy Abstract Coloring Book

Here, you can add your own patterns, color scheme and coloring techniques. If you want to spark your creativity and unleash your inner artist, then start filling these drawings with shapes, patterns and color. I am sure you will enjoy while being busy with them.

Groovy Abstract Coloring Book

Tips and Techniques Found In This Groovy Abstract Coloring Book

Coloring is an art and in this coloring book, you will have the chance of knowing how to color pages with shapes and patterns. You will also learn how to color them in using several different methods to achieve stunning results. You can use colored pencils, markers and gel pens.

Amazing Pattern Techniques

The Pattern Techniques in this coloring book are very impressive. There are many shapes that can be easily turned into patterns. All you have to do with these shapes is you just have to repeat them. See in the picture below to have an idea. 

Groovy Abstract Coloring Book


In fact, the picture above reminds me of drawings made by kids. When they are left alone to make drawings, they just let their creative nature flow and thus, beautiful yet simple drawings are created.

Wonderful Coloring Techniques

There are many coloring techniques and in this Groovy Abstracts Coloring Book, you are going to learn how to use the right one. You will also learn about the Color Theory which includes Primary Colors, Secondary Colors and Tertiary Colors.

Groovy Abstract Coloring Book

Entertain Yourself With More Pages Of This Marvellous Coloring Book Here

Groovy Abstract Coloring Book

Groovy Abstract Coloring Book

This beautiful coloring book also includes inspirational and motivational quotes by various Authors such as Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, Vivian Greene and more. I am sure you will love having it.

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